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Elect people afraid of mass shootings, not of the NRA

Americans need to replace politicians who are more afraid of the National Rifle Association than they are of mass shootings.

Ninety percent of Americans (including NRA members), regardless of political persuasion, endorse the use of background checks for the purchase of any gun. The House of Representatives months ago approved two bi-partisan bills to do this.

Yet President Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell refuse to bring them up for Senate debate, never mind a vote.

Trump and McConnell are not merely preventing passage of this citizen-supported legislation. They are also allowing politicians in the Senate to duck and hide from the public. (And bear in mind that although passed in the House, the bills were opposed by most House Republicans, including Elise Stefanik, one of this area’s representatives.)

The bills, H.R. 8 and H.R. 1112, apply checks that already exist for the sale of certain firearms. They do not apply to gifts among family members.

Universal background checks won’t eliminate all the gun violence. But they can’t hurt, and they might help. (Likewise, law enforcement leaders have said no reason exists for citizens to own military-style assault weapons. Yet Republican politicians lack the courage to speak up — except for one whose daughter was across the street from the Dayton shootings.)

These are not “slippery slopes” against the Second Amendment. Passage of common-sense public protections shouldn’t be such an uphill battle.

What can you do? Sign the petitions that are easy to find online. Share information. And help elect new representatives. Change will happen only when the people in office are changed.