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My weekend in Montreal

Traveled abroad last weekend … to Montreal. Yeah, it was kind of cool, windy and rainy with threat of snow – but what do you expect for the end of April? Perfect for eating and museum-visiting.

Breakfast crepes in Montreal that would be rotated if I could figure out how to do it.

One of my favorite Montreal traditions is Friday dinner at Bis, a classic and classy Italian restaurant, and both the service and the food were as wonderful as ever. I love their homemade pastas and veal dishes, but this time tried a risotto special that did not disappoint. Not to name drop, but George Clooney and Matt Damon have eaten at Bis more than once (based on photos on entry wall and website), though probably not as many times as the Lombardos.

Saturday highlights: crepes for breakfast, duck confit sandwich lunch from Vasco da Gama café, an afternoon at the Fine Arts Museum, and cavatelli with mushrooms in veal reduction with duck confit at Le Pois Penche. On a duck roll. All are in walking distance from Chateau Champlain, the hotel with the semi-circular windows that remind me of a cheese grater. Always nice to be greeted at the hotel with a big smile from George, who’s been there 40 years.

Ever the curious journalist, I popped into the lovely lobby of the Montreal Gazette, happening upon a gentleman who told me he was the last of the graphic artists and that the shrunken staff was about to move to smaller and no doubt less stylish quarters. I felt his pain.

Looking forward to next April – dinner at Bis and maybe, just maybe, completed construction of the Champlain Bridge.

Our next trip abroad is to another French-speaking destination: France! Group excursions with our fellow Edventures travelers include the Louvre, Musee D’Dorsay, and the Marmottan Museum. Your suggested sites, eateries, neighborhoods and related tips for our free day in Paris are welcome! Merci beaucoup!