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Saratoga MLK Day message: Try ‘calling them in’

Loretta Ross was keynote speaker for today’s MLKSaratoga Zoom. Wish the photo shared her broad, warm smile!

Thanks to MLKSaratoga for this afternoon’s thought-provoking and action-inspiring Zoom program featuring Loretta Ross, who teaches courses on white supremacy, human rights, women and gender – and knows of what she speaks, personally and professionally.

Her book “Calling in the Cancel Culture” is coming out this year, and a theme of her talk was about the value of “calling people in” rather than the less constructive instinct (to which I confess) of “calling them out.” I’m going to work on it.

Her speech and the Q&A that followed will be available by MLKSaratoga. I recommend you check out MLKSaratoga’s website and YouTube channel.

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