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Forget the letter; focus on long list of big reasons to vote Trump out

My Coronavirus Aid Relief check was directly deposited, but it turns out there was no escaping the Sharpie scrawl: Our federal tax dollars were spent sending ourselves a letter from Trump letting us know how pleased he is about the money.

To be fair, the letter (English on one side, Spanish on the other) sounds nothing like Trump. It credits Congressional bipartisan support for the aid and takes a positive tone. Still, believing its only purpose is to generate undue credit, the letter is a source of aggravation.

That’s my mistake. With so many major reasons to want Trump gone, I must not get distracted by things like a letter or a totally not sarcastic suggestion about medicinal disinfectants.

For starters, here’s an extremely incomplete list of bigger fish to fry:

His lethal mishandling of the coronavirus, purposeful refusal to provide federal leadership, and bold denial of own recorded words and actions. 

His insistence, totally false, that dismantling of the Affordable Care Act would still protect people with pre-existing conditions.

His heartless destruction of the lives of immigrants and their families. He lied about the cruel and poorly executed separation of families at the Mexican border.

He gleefully incites violence, hatred and incivility against groups of people – immigrants, Hispanics, Asians, Jews, journalists, Democrats, anyone who dares to criticize him.

He used anti-Semitic tropes last August, saying Jews were “disloyal” if they voted for Democrats. And he still defends his statement that there were “very fine people on both sides” of the 2017 Charlottesville rally where white supremacists marched as they shouted, “Jews will not replace us.”

He ferments distrust and hate of the media in the manner of authoritarian regimes. He shrugged off Saudi Arabia’s murder of a reporter for the Washington Post.

He proudly promised to protect LBGT citizens, then undid hard-fought rights and protections.

He signed executive orders to benefit oil pipelines and remove Obama environmental protections. He has weakened the Clean Air Act. He pulled the U.S. out of the Paris Agreement addressing climate change.

He has committed shameful and impeachable offenses by the score.

Trump gets away with all this and more because others in government – like Mitch McConnell – who share some, if not all, of his policies and believe their self-interests are best served by pandering to the president, laying low, lying to the public, or all of the above.

Trump is not the first president to lie and put personal and political gain above all else. But it is hard to imagine a more unpresidential president. Trump has dropped the bar for civility and courtesy into the sub-basement. He is crude, cruel, uninformed, narcissistic and, I hate to say it because I don’t like name-calling, an imbecile.  

The least of our problems is a letter with his signature. But I am going to keep it close at hand lest I take my eye off the ball: getting out the vote this fall to get Donald Trump – and his enablers – out of office.

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  • What is hardest to understand is how his supporters can still support him. Someone posted today that he donated his $400K salary back but that the media wouldn’t talk about it and how unfairly the President was being treated. That was her take away and her failing in that she supports the other plague that assaulted our country and those people far beyond our now closed borders. The world can’t take 4 more years.

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