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Call in today to hold Saratoga County accountable

You can listen at 4 p.m. today to a live meeting of the Saratoga County Board of Supervisors. Here’s why you should: The people with the most power in Saratoga County government have been failing to serve the best interests of the people they’re supposed to serve. Some of their actions have been in secret, and some in flagrant disregard of their responsibilities because, sadly, they figure they can get away with it.

Government serves the public, not vice versa.

They voted huge raises for top-paid administrators for unspecified pandemic work by people who are assuredly not first responders, apparently rescinded after public exposure. They left helping the homeless during this pandemic to Saratoga Springs, even though homeless people are not restricted to city residence. The board’s Public Health Committee hasn’t met since March 4. And instead of a regular monthly public county board meeting, these “leaders” attempted to convene a “special meeting” –meaning that the chairman can severely restrict the agenda (in this case, to approve a contract for corrections officers that was news to other board members and create an unrepresentative, ad hoc COVID-19 committee). When nine of the board’s 23 members showed the gumption to vote against ratifying that inappropriate “special” meeting on Friday, the meeting was halted and a new one scheduled for today.

The Saratogian, the Times Union, and local citizen journalist John Kaufmann have been trying to tell people what’s going on, why they should care, and what they can do about it. Others are speaking out, too. Kaufmann’s latest post notes people can listen live to today’s 4 p.m. meeting and can submit comments that will be read by the clerk at the meeting by calling 1-844-855-4444 and enter the Participation Passcode 823993#. Also comments can be emailed to PWright@Saratogacountyny.gov.

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  • Excellent article on the County disfunction in today’s Saratogian.

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