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Seeing the world through the eyes of an astronaut-artist at SPAC

NASA veteran Nicole Stott shared stories on the SPAC stage.

I love listening to the Philadelphia Orchestra while watching the stars from the lawn of the Saratoga Performing Arts Center. But tonight the view was different: I watched planet Earth from outer space while sitting on the SPAC stage.

It was amazing.

NASA veteran Nicole Stott, who spent more than 100 days in space, shared her stories and photos of life as a shuttle astronaut and on the International Space Station – and how the experiences play into her work as an artist.

She kicked off a first-ever series of Thursday night speakers, using the conductor’s podium to address about 120 attendees sitting on the SPAC stage. The theme of the talks, as described by SPAC, “bridge the worlds of art, science, and nature.”

You can learn more about Stott, the Artistic Astronaut, on her website and read a preview of her Saratoga Springs visit in the Times Union.

Thank you to SPAC president and CEO Elizabeth Sobol for this innovation (among many she’s introduced). Tonight’s talk was so terrific that I didn’t dare post this until I’d secured my ticket for next week.

By the way, I double-dipped SPAC today, thoroughly enjoying the Shakespeare-themed Philadelphia Orchestra matinee, even in the light of day (though I hope the matinees don’t hurt overall attendance).

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