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Young water-sellers back in business thanks to City Council member Franck

Accounts Commissioner John Franck has once again demonstrated leadership and problem-solving as a member of the Saratoga Springs City Council member, this time making it possible for kids to continue selling bottled water outside Saratoga Race Course.

Last fall, then-Public Safety Commissioner Christian Mathiesen announced a ban of the young vendors as his solution to a few problems with some of the sellers (or their parents). The ban was announced after the six-week racing season was over, in plenty of time for someone to figure out a better solution before the track reopens in July.

WAMC’s Lucas Willard explains how Franck worked with Skidmore College interns, the city attorneys, the police department and the code enforcement office. As Saratoga Springs resident John Kaufmann noted on his recent blog, Franck came up with a proposal that addressed concerns to the unanimous satisfaction of his four City Council colleagues.

I’m glad to support a youthful entrepreneur hawking bottled water for $1 – a real bargain compared to prices inside the gate. Common sense, with some rules attached, has prevailed thanks to Franck taking the initiative.


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