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How I Spent My President’s Day Weekend in New York City

Following the Hudson River on Amtrak.

Overlooking St. Patrick’s

Egyptian doppleganger?

Pleading for her sister’s life in “Last of the Mohicans” painting.

Poached egg on avocado toast at The National.

“Come From Away” set at Schoenfeld Theatre.

When you’re done with deadlines and your spouse has a three-day weekend, a weekend in New York City is a perfect getaway.

My husband invited me to surprise him with tickets to the Broadway show of my choice, and I chose “Come From Away.” This uplifting, low-key musical focuses on 9/11 – yes, the day of the 2001 terrorist attacks — when 38 planes were diverted to a tiny Newfoundland town, focusing on real townspeople and passengers (all played by a solid 12-member ensemble).

I’d seen it last fall, loved it, wanted to see it again and guessed, correctly, that he’d enjoy it, too. This Tony-winner is charming, funny, moving and, most of all, an affirmation of the goodness of people.

Also good for the soul was our morning at The Metropolitan Museum of Art for the “Atlantic Crossings” exhibit featuring the work of Thomas Cole, known as founder of the Hudson River School of landscape painting in the 1800s. I especially liked the portrayal of a scene from James Fennimore Cooper’s “Last of the Mohicans.”

I also liked seeing in person the huge Washington Crossing the Delaware and John Frederick Kensett 1869 painting of Lake George, whose framed print hangs over my fireplace. The Met is so large and varied that you can wander through one wing or another for hours. Seeking out a restroom, I happened upon Egyptian mummies and the actual Temple of Dendur from 10 B.C. during the reign of Augustus Caesar.

The Met was a change of pace from my go-to Museum of Modern Art, which is across the street from our go-to southern Italian restaurant, Il Gattopardo. I order something different almost every time we eat there (Saturday it was chickpea soup and the special pasta with mushrooms), and I’m never disappointed. For a full breakfast, we like The National, where I’m partial to the poached egg on avocado toast, something I’d never make at home.

My other pampering for the weekend was a 36th-floor room overlooking St. Patrick’s Cathedral across mid-town Manhattan all the way to the Hudson River.

Keeping with the Hudson theme, I picked the right side – which is to say, the left side – of the train leaving Penn Station, following the partially frozen water past the Catskills all the way to Rensselaer County, where Albany’s Empire State Plaza pokes up across the river.

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