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Sitting tight on a flight: I’d prefer legroom to linguini, Delta

$99 bought “up to 4 inches” on this flight, as seen on seatguru

Last month on an 8-hour-plus flight from JFK to Barcelona I was absolutely thrilled to be able to pay Delta an extra $99 per seat, each way, for “up to 4 inches” more legroom than in the economy cabin for my husband and myself.

So I read with some amusement in today’s New York Times that Delta Airlines has resumed free meals for cross-country passengers. Sure, ya gotta eat. But what we really want are basic seats that don’t make you feel like a strapped-in hostage about to be interrogated.

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  • I totally agree! Just returned from Air Italia flights to Sicily……and squish!!! I am not that tall….5’4” and not that large of a person, yet I was totally crowded on the long 8 hour plus flights……I also would be happy to pay a bit more for a bit more space…..the food is so awful anyway…..who cares……I brought a fantastic Italian sandwich from the airport and that was fine!!

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