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Priorities all wet as city cracks down on kids selling water

Top story in Oct. 6 Saratogian reveals crackdown on dangerous local criminals

What a relief to see our city leaders cracking down on some of the most heinous and pervasive criminals in Saratoga Springs: kids selling water bottles outside the racetrack.

“My department was constantly badgered and disrespected by a few of the water bottle salespersons this season,” wrote the code enforcer in a letter read at a recent City Council meeting by his boss, Public Safety Commissioner Chris Mathiesen, who is not seeking re-election.

Whatever happened to an informal word from police on patrol telling sellers: no T-shirt sales, no adult entrepreneurs, and – hey! – no throwing bottles. Apparently the H20 gangs were just too much to handle and a few disrupters ruined it for everyone.

I walked to the track over Lincoln Avenue almost every weekend this summer and occasionally purchased a $1 bottle from a couple of low-key and polite little girls sitting beside a cooler, sometimes because I was thirsty but usually just to support their business.

Don’t give up hope, kids: A couple of City Council members who are running unopposed expressed an interest in figuring out how to fix this situation before the start of the 2018 racing season.

Thank goodness my children’s Lucky Lemonade stand, a Travers Day operation in the 1990s, was far enough from the Saratoga Race Course entrance to avoid threat of prosecution.

I wonder if the diligence in crushing youthful entrepreneurship is applied as fervently to other track-related money makers, like making sure people who park cars on their property during racing season are paying the taxes due on their income.



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