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Bingo! Combining casual bicycling with visiting local businesses

Ian Klepatar sold me a Bike Bingo card at the Saratoga Farmers’ Market in August. The game continues through Oct. 22.

One afternoon last month, my next-door neighbor saw me buckling my helmet and waved me over to see if I was playing Bike Bingo Saratoga. She and her daughter, a second-grader, combined bike riding with discovering places that they, as fairly new residents, hadn’t been to before. For instance, she said they stopped in Roma Foods (wishing she’d known about it sooner) and Humpty Dumpty (before it closed for the season). I was on my way to the Saratoga Farmers’ Market on High Rock Avenue and found Ian Klepetar staffing a table with Bike Bingo cards. You bike to supporting businesses and get your card stamped, then collect gifts when you complete a regular bingo or fill the full card, now through Oct. 22. Nice to see businesses participating to encourage casual bicycle riding. Learn more at

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