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Eclipse a reminder of nature’s beauty: All we have to do is look

Watching the moon cross in front of the sky from the patio of the Museum of Innovation and Science in Schenectady.

I’ll admit from the outset that I thought it would get at least a little dark here Monday as the moon obscured about a third of the sun here during the much-hyped solar eclipse. But I hasten to add: I loved seeing even this partial eclipse through my super-duper NASA-approved glasses, was thrilled to watch the total eclipse over and over across the country on TV, and thoroughly enjoyed sharing the excitement with hundreds (thousands, it seemed) at the wonderful Museum of Innovation and Science and Dudley Observatory in Schenectady, where I got to peek through a solar telescope.

We take for granted glorious sunrises (not that I’m up then) and sunsets and amazing views of our skies all day, every day. The wonder and beauty of nature is ours to appreciate if we just point our noses away from our phones and look up (with appropriate eye protection, of course). The eclipse reminds us that every so often nature puts on an extra special show.

My son Joe traveled with three friends from his home in Chicago six-plus hours to a gorgeous spot outside Carbondale, Ill., where the total eclipse lingered longest as it moved across the country. “It was an awesome, overwhelming, indescribable experience,” he messaged from the car during the 13-hour ride home (it was bumper-to-bumper even at midnight), which he told me this morning was totally worth it.

A few of the hundreds of children and adults who followed the eclipse from the patio of the Museum of Innovation and Science.

Telescopes, including this special solar one, were set up for people to peek through to see Monday’s partial eclipse from the Museum of Innovation and Science in Schenectady.

My son Joe sent me this picture of crescent sun shadows peeping through leaves. Amazing!

I’m looking forward to the week before my 70th birthday, when the next total solar eclipse visible in the U.S. will be crossing New York state. And I won’t wait, like this time, till the last minute to buy eclipse glasses.

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