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New address: Heaven


Special Delivery

My father-in-law received a letter the other day from the Address Correction Unit of his health plan noting that the U.S. Post Office has indicated a change of address and asking for updated address information “at your earliest convenience.”

His new address since November: Heaven. Cloud Nine, I hope.

So I called the number on the letter and eventually reached a useless series of recordings. After trying various voice mail options, repeating a bad word and pressing 0 multiple times, really hard, I was connected to a real person. Sorry for your loss, said the real person, but you need to call the Address Correction Unit. She gave me another phone number.

That number eventually connected me to a friendly recording instructing the enrollee to note a change of address by completing Form TF850 or writing a letter that must be signed and dated by the enrollee.

That’s not gonna happen.

Instead, I will vent here and then drop a line to the New York State Department of Civil Service Employee Benefits Division, to let them know what’s up and, I hope, prevent further waste of our tax dollars. My father and father-in-law, now sharing the same address, would be rolling their eyes. Maybe they are.

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