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Mar 22, 2016 - Journalism    No Comments

Brave journalists shine light in world’s darkest corners

ATDAnna Therese Day makes her living looking for trouble – and reporting on it.

She and people like her are the reason you know what you do about what’s happening to people in countries, especially in the Middle East, where conflict, repression of human rights and deadly crackdowns on dissent are the norm.

As a sister journalist, I couldn’t be prouder of this incredibly smart, bold and driven young woman. As a mother, I need a Tums.

Anna loomed larger than life in late January at a women’s luncheon in Saratoga Springs because she spoke not from the podium as planned, but via large-screen wall-mounted monitors — from an undisclosed location in Cairo.

She couldn’t get out of Egypt. Not safely, anyway. Read more »